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Njan ninne sawkhayamaakum (I am the Lord)


Njaan ninne sawkhayamaakum kartthan
Njan ninte sawkhyadayaken
En vachanatthin aajayal
Nee ippol sawkhyam prapika(2);

Nee enne sawkhyamakum kartthan
Nee ente sawkhyadayaken
Nin vachanathin aajayal
Njaan ippol sawkhyam parapikum(2);

I am the Lord that healeth thee
I am the Lord your healer
I send my word and heal your disease
I am the Lord your healer(2)

You are the Lord that healeth me
You are the Lord my healer
You send your word and healed, my disease
You are the Lord my healer(2)

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