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Sthuthippin (3) sarva vallabhanesuvine


Sthuthippin sthuthippin sthuthippin
Sarva vallabhanesuvine
Kaalakalamellam nammekathavane
Naam kaalamellam sthuthippin

Paapangal palanal chaithennalum
Papiyinmel sneham kaatti thaan
Namme snehichu kathu palikkum
Nal rakshakane sthuthippin

Snehithar kaivedinjennaalum
Kashtangal nashtangal eriyalum
Nammeyennum paripalikkum
Nal rakshakane sthuthippin

Mannithil koodaara vasikalai
Mannavan yeshuve pinthudaraam
Halleluiah Halleluiah - naam
Padeedam Halleluia

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