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About is an online evangelistic mission developed and funded by Halleluiah Foundation (UK). Share my Bible is a ministry dedicated to the great commission given by our Lord and our Saviour Jesus Christ. We are a team of Evangelists who are looking forward to share and spread the word of GOD through the Internet. We believe that there is Power in the word of GOD and it can do miracles in the lives of people. is a platform for everyone to explore various versions and translations of The Holy Bible. offers a user friendly website to share the Bible with their friends in social media. offers church listing service for churches to display their  churches online. is also offering a platform to display your Songs,lyrics,videos,Articles,sermons and Literature online.

We request your co-operation and support to share God's word across the globe.

Thank you!

Share my Bible

Contact us to add your church to our online listing.

Contact us to display your songs,lyrics,videos,Articles,sermons and Literature  on

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