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Aaradhana aaradhana sthuthi-Hindi


Aaradhana aaradhana stuthi aaradhana
Aaradhana aaradhana stuthi aaradhana
Udayathilum sandhyailum pithavine aaradhana

1 Paridhudaatmave ange aaradhikyunne
Thunneaayone ange aaradhikyunne
Parama pithave aaradhikyunnu
Vayikaatiye njangal aaradhikyunnu

2 Jeevaballiye ange aaradhikyunne
Jeeva jalame njangal aaradhikyunne
Jeeva dhathave ange aaradhikyunnu
Masihaye ange aaradhikyunnu

3 yeshu rajaave angke aaraadhikkunnu
nallidayane njangal aaraadhikkunnu
pranapriyane angke aaraadhikkunnu
sarvvashakthane njangal aaraadhikkunnu


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