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Aaradhana ho aaradhana kudavand


Aaradhna ho aaradhna 
khudawand yeshu ki aaradhna

Shantidata ki aaradhna
muktidata ki aaradhna

pavitra dil se aaradhna 
premi man se aaradhna

Mere masiha ki aaradhna 
jeewan data ki aaradhna

dutom ke sang sang aaradhna 
stuti prashansa aaradhna

rajao ke raja ki aaradhna 
prabhuo ke prabhu ki aaradhna

pavitra prabhu ki aaradhna 
premi pita ki aaradhna

alfa omega ki aaradhna 
sanatan prabhu ki aaradhna

Taali baja ke aaradhna 
Rajaaom ke raja ki aaradhna

Hath uda ke aaradhna 
Hath fila ki aaradhna


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