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Aaradhichappol viduthal kitti


1 Aaradhichappol viduthal kitty
Aaradhichappol saukhyam kitty
Aaradhichappol santhosham kitty
Aaradhichu bandhanam azhinju poi

Aaradhichu aaradhichu akkare naattil pokam
Aamodhichu aamodhichu akkare naattil pokam
Akkare naattil chellumbol Yeshuvine kaanumbol
Ikkare nediya saubhagyathin vila nannay ariyum

2 Aaradhichappol klesham neengy poi
Aaradhichappol dhukham maari poi
Aaradhichappol khedham maari poi
Aaraadhichu bendhanam azhinju poi

3 Aaradhichappol ksheenam maari poi
Aaradhichappol Bhayam maari poi
Aaradhichappol rogam maari poi
Aaradhichu bendhanam azhinju poi


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