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Aaradhna yeshu tujhe


aaradhna Yeshu tujhe – ×4

Tu Jo kehde mein karunga
Teri raahon par mein chalunga
Tere charno mein hi rahunga
Mere pyare Yeshu ve – ×2

Adbhut Tere pair Jo Lehron par chale
Aage chalte Hain mere,
Mujhe chinta nahin hai
Daanta andhiyon ko Jin vachano se Prabhu
Saathi mere Hain vahi,
Mujhe chinta nahin hai

Aaradhna Yeshu tujhe
Saari Aradhna Yeshu tujhe
Aradhna Yeshu tujhe ×2

Raahon ko andheron ne jab ghera ho mere
Prabhu mujhko Le chale,
Mujhe darr hi nahi hai
Phiron ki sena jab mere peeche ho padi
Hai bachata Yeshu mujhko dar hi nahin hai ×2


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