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Aarathanai Devaney Aarathanai Yesuvey


Aradhanai Devaney Aradhanai Yesuvey
Aradhanai Aviye Aradhanai

1 Nithiyarey Aradhanai Sathiyarey Aradhanai
Nithamum Kakkum Devaney Sathiyam Pesum Rajaney Aradhanai Aradhanai

2 Unnatharey Aradhanai Utthamarey Aradhanai
Unmaiyana Devaney Uyirulla Rajaney Aradhanai

3 Madhuramey Aradhanai Magathuvamey Aradhanai
Magimaiyana Devaney Masillatha Rajaney Aradhanai Aradhanai

4 Puthumaiye Aradhanai Punniyamey Aradhanai
Puranamana Devaney Boolaga Rajaney Aradhanai Aradhanai


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