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Aarathippaen Naan Aarathippaen


Aarathippaen Naan Aarathippaen
Aandavar Yesuvai Aarathippaen

1 Vallavarae Ummai Aarathippaen
Nallavarae Ummai Aarathippaen

2 Parisuttha Ullathodu Aarathippaen
Paninthu Kuninthu Aarathippaen

3 Aaviyilae Ummai Aarathippaen
Unmaiyilae Ummai Aarathippaen

4 Thuutargaloodu Aarathippaen
Sthothirabaliyoodu Aarathippaen

5 KaanbavaraiNaanAarathippaen

6 Vennaadai Aninthu Aarathippaen


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