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Aarkkum sadhyamallaa


1 aarkkum sadhyamallaa
yaathonninum sadhyamallaa
yeshuvin snehathil ninnum
enne verpirikkaan

prathikoolangal ethra vannennaalum-athin
meethe nadannu njaan kadannu pokum
oru kaiyaal en kannuneer thudakkum-njaan
marru kaiyaal en yuddham cheythidum
yeshuvin snehathil ninnoru naalum
akalukayilla njaan

2 sthaanamaanangalkko
perinum perumakkumo
papa mohangalkko
saadhyam alle alla;-

3 bandhujanangalkko
jeevano maranathino
saadhyam alle alla;-

R S Vijayaraj


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