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Athbhutha vismaya (what a beautiful name)


1 athbhutha vismaya sneham
en aathmaavil aanandam
jeevane nalkiya sneham
en jeevante aadhaaram
oh oh en jeevante aadhaaram

2 krushilen yeshuvin yagam
en papathin mochanam
krushilen yeshuvin thyagam
ennathmavin svanthanam
oh oh ennathmavin svanthanam

3 neeyanennullile ganam
neeyanen navile getham
nee thanneyennumennasha
nin munpil vanangkuunnu
oh oh nin munpil vanangkuunnu

4 sakhyadayakan yeshu
athmavil shanthiyekum
jeevante nayakan kristhu
jeevanil nadathidum
oh oh jeevanil nadathidum

5 varumeshu nayakan vendum
therumen yathra vegam
charum than marvilannanayum
cherumen vettil njaan
oh oh cherumen vettil njaan

K M Varghese-Translation


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