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Bhuvaasikale yehovakarpiduvin santhoshathode


Bhuvasikale yehovakka’arppiduvin (2)
Santhoshathode sthuthi paaduvin
Sangethathode vannu kooduvin
Avan nallavanallo dhaya ennumullathu
Avan vallabhanallo sthuthi ennumullathu

1 Yehova thanne deiva’mennarivin
Avan namme menanjuvallo
Avan namukkullavan naam avanullavar
Avane vazthiduvin;-

2 Yehova thanne viswasthanennarivin
Avan namme viduvichallo
Avan nalla idayan thante aadukal naam
Avane sthuthichiduvin;-


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