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Ella Namathirkum Miga Meylanathu


1 Yella Namathirkum Miga Meylanathu
Yesuvin Namamey
Yella Thalaimuraiyum Endrum Potridum
Namam Krishtheysuvin Namamey

Yesu Namamey Jeyam Jeyamey
Sathanin Sakthi Ondrumillaiyey
Halleluyah Hossana Halleluyah
Halleluyah Amen

2 Pavathilrunthu Retchithathey
Yesuvin Namamey
Nithya Naragathilrunthu Viduvithathey
Krishtheysuvin Namamey

3 Sathanin Meyl Athigaram Thanthathey
Yesuvin Namamey
Sathru Kottaigalai Thagartherinthitathey
Krishtheysuvin Namamey

4 Sarira Viyadhigalai Kunamaguthey
Yesuvin Namamey, Thollai Kashtangal
Anaithaiyum Neekiduthey
Krishtheysuvin Namamey


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