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Ellaa naavum padidum


1 ellaa naavum padidum
yeshuvin snehathe
naamum chernnu paadidaam
yeshuvin snehathe(2)

aaraadhyan aaradhyanaam'eshuve
aaraadhanakku yogyane(2)
aaraadhyanaayavane... ellaa naavum...

2 aarilum shreshda naathane
aaraadhippaan yogyane
ange njangal aaraadhikkunnu
varunnu savidhe nin...makanaay(2) aaraadhyan...

3 yaagamaay varunnu savidhe
maaykka en paapangal
thoduka nin karamenmel
naathaa varunnu nin savidhe(2) aaraadhyan...

John Mathew


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