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En nathhane yeshuve (iee bandham)


1 en nathhane yeshuve nal rakshakane(2)
kurishil en perkkaayi
yagamayi theernna daivakunjaade
yeshuve nal rakshakane(2)

ie bandham en bhagyame
yeshuvin sneham saubhagyame(2)

2 en nathhane yeshuve nal snehithane(2)
irulil alayazhiyil thozhanaay
en karam pidichedunna
yeshuve nal snehithane(2);- iee bandham...

3 en nathhane yeshuve en prana priyane(2)
angeppol eetam yogyanaay
aareyum njaan kaanunnillen priyane
yeshuve en pranapriyane(2);- iee bandham...

mruthyupolum thottupokume
yeshuvin sneham nilanilkkume
hallelooyyaa hallelooyyaa (2)

Blesson memana


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