song/hymn lyrics

Engal Meethu Asaivadum Engal Deva


Engal Meethu Asaivadum
Engal Deva Aveeyey
Emmai Viduvika
Emmai Uyirpika
Engal Meethu Irangidum

1 Asaivadum Aveeyey Anbai Ootrum
Asaivadum Aveeyey Analakidum (2)
Bayam Neekidum Belan Thanthidum
Thelintha Buthiyai Thanthidum – Engal Meethu (2)

2 Sathiya Aveeyey Bothithidum
Sathiya Aveeyey Kann Thiranthidum (2)
Sathiyathin Meyl Anbai Ootrum
Sathiyathirku Satchiyakum – Engal Meethu (2)

3 Parisutha Aveeyey Parisutham Tharum
Parisutha Aveeyey Aveekullakum (2)
Parisutha Pathai Paraloga Pathai
Paravasamai Sella Nadathidum – Engal Meethu (2)


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