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Ente naavil navaganam


Ente naavil navaganam
Ente naadhan tharunnallo

Aamodaal’ennume avaney njan padume
Uyirulla nalvarayum Halleluyah

Enne thedy mannil vannu swantha jeevan thannavan
Onninalum’eazhayenne kaivitathavan

Paapa’chettil antirunna enne veende’duthallo
Papam ellaam pokkiyennay shudhi chaithallo

Illa bheethi’ennil’innum ethra modamullathil
Nalla nadhan’Yesuvinte paathe vannathaal

Halleluja sthothra geetham paadi vazhum’Yehsuve
Ellakalam nanniyotente nalellam

Charles John


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