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Ente prarthhanakal ente yachanakal


ente prarthhanakal ente yachanakal
ketta daivathe njaan sthuthikkum
ente sangkadangal ente nomparangal
kanda daivathe njaan pukazhthum(2)

avan karunayum krupayumullon
avan dayayum kanivumullon(2)
avan sthuthikalil vasikkum
nithyasneham pakarum
raajaadhiraajanaam yeshuparan(2)

1 ente praanane maranathil ninnum
ente kannine kannuneril ninnum
ente kaaline vezhchayil ninnum
rakshicha daivathe sthuthikkum(2)

2 ente bhaaviye thakarchayil ninnum
ente bhavanathe kashdathayil ninnum
ente vairiyin karangalil ninnum
rakshicha daivathe sthuthikkum(2)

3 enne rogathil karuthiya daivam
enna thaazhchayil uyarthiya daivam
ente paapangal mochicha daivam
nithyam kaathidum kanmanipol(2)

Maramon C S


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