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Ente upanidhiye ente ohariye


Ente upanidhiye ente ohariye
Angente nikshepame
Ente aasrayame ente maravidame
Ennennum sankethame

Marvil chareedaam ellam parayam
Vishwasthanavan Veeranaanavan
Hosa€¦€¦nna€¦ Hosa€¦€¦nna€¦
Hosa€¦€¦nna€¦ Hosa€¦€¦nna€¦

Ente kottayume ente saranavume
Angente parichayume
Ente parayume Ente jeevajalame
Angente uravayaane

Ente udayavane Ente bhujabalame
Angente Embamaane
Ente aarambhame ente vagdhathame
Angente Amenaane

Ente aanandhame ente santhoshamae
angentae madhuramaanae
ente oushadhame ente thailavume
angente shailavumae

Anil Adoor


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