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Entha kalathilum entha €“Tamil


Entha kalathilum entha neerathilum
nanriyal ummai naan thuthipan,
yeshuve ummai naan thuthipan thuthipan
enthe velaijilum thuthipan- yeshuve

1 aadhiyum neere anthamum neeree
Jyothiyum neere en sonthamum neere(2);- entha

2 Thaithanthai neere thathiyum neere
Thaparam neere en tharakam neere(2);- entha

3 Vazhvilum neere thazhvilum neere
Vaathayil neere en paadhayil neere(2);- entha

4 Vanilum neere bhoovilum neere
Aazhiyil neere en aapathil neere(2);- entha

5 Thunpanerathil inbavum neere
Innal velayil en maradavan neere(2);- entha

6 Devanum neere en jeevanum neere
Rajarajanum en sarvavum neere(2);- entha


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