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Ethra nanma yeshu cheythu


1 ethra nanma yeshu cheythu
thinmayonnum bhavikkaathe
ennitherthidatha nanma
enni enni sthothram paadaam (2)

sthothram sthothram sthothram
yeshu nathane... sthothram
sthothram maathram mathra thorum
orthu paadaam sthothrathode(2)

2 kruramaay thakarkkappette
kodum vedana sahiche
ente jeevan veendeduppaan
krushil jeevan vedinjavan(2);-

3 ente sangdangal theerthe
ente kannuner thudachon
ente bharangal chumanne
paaril pottidunnu yeshu (2);-

Mohan Kanjiramannil


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