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Ithrayum snehichal poraa


1 ithrayum snehichal poraa
ange ithrayum aaraadhichal pora(2)
enikkullathinekkal en jeevanekkaal
ange snehippananenikkasha(2)

yeshuve aaraadhyane
yeshuve aaraadhyane(2)

2 en sankadangal thethathinalalla
en aavashyam niravettiyathinaalalla(2)
enikkay marichathinal
njan ennumange aaraadhichedum(2);- yeshuve...

3 en karmmavum pravrthiyalumalla
en nerchayum kazhchayalumalla(2)
krpayal rakshichathinal
njan ennumange aaraadhichedum(2);- yeshuve...

Sabu Cherian


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