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Karthave nee cheitha nanmakal


Karthave ne cheytha nanmakal orkumpol
Ullam niranjidunnu
Nandi konden manam thulledunnu njan
Ninne sthuthichidunnu

1 Enthu thinnum njan enthudukum enne
Orthu manam nonthu njan
Innu najn dhanyananee marubhumiyil
Onninum kshamamilla;-

2 Onninum muttuvarthathe enne
Dinam thorum pottidunnu
Ekanay iee maru’bhumiyilayapol
Enne nadathiyone

3 Yosefin pandika’shala’thuranneshu
Omana’pperu vilichu
Dhaham theeru’volam panam cheytheeduvan
Jeevajelam pakarnnu


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