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Kristhuvil jayaliyanu naam


kristhuvil jayaliyanu naam
Kristhuvil poraliyanu naam
Dheeranany poradidam Karthru seva cheythidam
Jayam nedy munneridam

Munneridam naam munneridam
Krushin paatha nokky vegam munneridam
Paapa shapa bandhanangal neekky vegam naam
Kristhuvil jayaaliyay munneridam

Aadhya noottandile aathma shakthy
Pakarnnidatte innu sabhakalinmel
Abhisheka thee innu pakarnnidumbol
Unarnnidam Yeshuve ethirettidam

Aathmabhishekathin maari peyyan
Poornamay eakidam avan sannidhe
Aathmavin phalangalal aaradhikkam
Orungidam Yeshuve ethirettidam

Loka paapangalil veenidathe
Odidam Yeshuvin paatha nokky
Raajadhi raajane ethirettidam
Vishudhiyode naam orungeeduka

halleluyah aamen halleluyah
haleluyah haleluyah haleluyah

Joice Thonniamala


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