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Sthuthichidum njaan en Yeshuvine


Sthuthichidum njaan en Yeshuvine
Ennennum sthuthichitum njaan
Karthaadhi Karthane raajaadhi raajane
Ennennum sthuthichitum njaan

Daivathinte daanangal orthitumpol
Daivathinte sannidhe chennitumpol
Aashwaasam nalkunna Karthaadhi Karthane
Njaan ennum sthuthikkum

Yeshuvin krupakale orthitumpol
Jeevitha nanmakal earitumpol
Ee nalla naadhanaam Yeshuvine
Ennennum sthuthichitum anthyam vare

Amma than kunjine maranneetilum
Marakkaatha naadhanaam Yeshuvine
Orthu njaan nandiyotu
Ennennum sthuthichitume

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