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Uyarthedum njaan ente kankal


1 uyarthedum njaan ente kankal
thunayarulum van parvvathame(2)
ennaashrayam ente kottayum
nee ente sangkethame(2)

hallelooyaa halleluyaa
hallelooyaa yeshuvine
hallelooyaa halleluyaa
hallelooyaa raajaavine

2 jeevante uravidam yeshuve
jeevane nalkiya snehame(2)
ente jeevanum ente parayum
nee ente aaradhyanum(2);- hallelu...

3 papathe thakarthavan yeshuve
papiye snehicha snehame(2)
en rakshayum ente aashayum
nee ente snehithanum(2);- hallelu...

Sam Robinson

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