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Yehovah Shalom Halleluyah


1 Yehovah Shalom Halleluyah
Yehovah Nishiyey Halleluyah
Yehovah Yireh Halleluyah
Parisutha Pithavey Halleluyah

Halleluyah Amen Halleluyah(4)

2 Saronin Rojavey Halleluyah
Leeli Pushpamey Halleluyah
Alagil Siranthavarey Halleluyah
Yesu Krishthuvey Halleluyah

3 Theytraravalaney Halleluyah
Belathin Aveeyey Halleluyah
Sathiya Aveeyey Halleluyah
Parisutha Aveeyey Halleluyah

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