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Yehovahnishiyey Engal Jeyakodiyey


Yehovahnishiyey Engal Jeyakodiyey
Umakkey Aradhanai
Yehovahyireh Thevaigalai Santhipeer
Umakkey Aradhanai
Halleluyah Halleluyah
Halleluyah Halleluyah Halleluyah (2)

1 Jebathin Karanarey Aradhanai
Jebikka Vaipavarey Aradhanai
Jebamey Suvasamey Jebamey Thoobamey (2)
Jebathin Veerarey Aradhanai

2 Alagil Unnatharey Aradhanai
Anaikkum Adharavey Aradhanai
Anbin Rajaney Athuma Nesarey (2)
Saronin Rojavey Aradhanai

3 Sarvavallavarey Aradhanai
Satchiyai Matrineerey Aradhanai
Sathanai Jeyithavarey Savai Vendravarey (2)
Sarva Srishtigarey Aradhanai

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