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Aasrayam Yeshuvilennathinal | New Christian Cover Song | M E Cherian | Jiso Jose | Abin Thomas ©

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Music - M E Cherian Vocal - Jiso Jose Keys & Arrangement - Abin Thomas Recording Studio - SONIC JOD Recording Studio Mix / Master - Jiso Jose Shoot / Edits - Tejas Ghadge Online Arrange - Voice of soul music


Asrayam Yesuvil ennathinal

Bhagyavan njaan Bhagyavaan njaan

Aaswaasam ennil than thannathinaal

Bhagyavaan njaan Bhagyavaan njaan

1 Koorirul moodum velakalil

   Karthaavin paadham chernidum njaan

   Karirumpaniyel padulla paniyaal

   Karuna niranjavan kaakumennae- kaakumennae

2 Ethra soubhagyam ikshithiyil

   Illamattengum nizchayamaai

   Theeraatha santhosham kristhuvil-undennaal

   Thoraatha kanneere mannilullu-mannilullu

3 Thannuyir thanna jeevanathan

   Ennabhayam en naal muzhuvan

   Onninum thannidam-enniye verengum

   Odenda thanguvan than mathiyaam, than mathiyaam

4 Kaalvari nathan enn rekshakan


   Mruthuve vennavan athyunnathan vinnil

   Karthathi-karthavai vazhunnavan, vazhunnavan

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