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Better is open rebuke than hidden love [Proverbs 27:5]

When someone in our family especially children does anything wrong, we immediately rebuke them. We make them realize their faults and corrects them on the spot. Because we truly care and wants people to speak good for them. But how many of us has got the habit of rebuking not only in family but outside also.

When was the last time you rebuked your friend or a colleague. And when was the last time you got rebuked from one of your good friend. Rebuke – It is telling someone his fault personally and directly, whether against you, others or God. It is OPEN for you to do it to his face rather than pretending all is well or saying it is none of my business. Paul writes if anyone is caught in any transgression, you should restore him in a spirit of gentleness [Galatians 6:1].

“Hidden-Love” mentioned here by Solomon is not loving someone in secret or an act of immorality but it is like you have a friend and you are least interested in letting him know the faults and mistakes of his life.

Here Jesus again is our role model, whenever He saw faults, failures and sins in others life He rebuked and corrected them. And as a result of it they all spent their lives profiting His loving and faithful investment in them.

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