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The question of whether the Bible can be trusted is important. And in light of the evidence examined, many readers have concluded that the Bible is indeed trustworthy and reliable. Many people find meaning and purpose while reading Bible because it draws us in, speaks to our lives and nourishes our souls. And this is why millions of people throughout history have concluded that the Bible is not only trustworthy but vitally important to be part of life.

Fingerprints are one of the best forms of evidence. If a detective finds fingerprints at a crime spot, he has a vital clue to help identify the perpetrator. When it comes to Bible, we also have a mystery to solve; Who is the author ? I’m not talking about the human authors. We want to know if there’s an Author behind those authors, if the Bible is indeed the “Word of God” as Christians claim. And when we look carefully, we discover divine fingerprints all over this unique book.

The Bible contains fulfilled prophecies. Specific events are foretold with great detail many years, sometimes centuries, before they occur. There are approximately 2500 prophecies in the Bible, about 2000 that have been fulfilled. For e.g. the prophet Micah identifies the city of Bethlehem as the Messiah’s birthplace (Micah 5:2) approximately 700 years before the event. The prophet Zechariah predicted Jesus would be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver (Zechariah 11:12-13). What is the best explanation for such supernatural predictions ? A supernatural “Predictor”

Another divine fingerprint is the Bible’s unity despite its radically diverse origins. There were 40 diverse authors with diverse backgrounds. There were diverse writing conditions, from palaces to the wilderness. There were diverse genres of writing, from poetry to history. There were diverse topics, often controversial topics. And it’s all written over 1500 years. However, there is profound unity, as God’s story unfolds from Genesis to Revelation. There is unbelievable factual and theological agreement throughout the Bible. Again, what best explains this ? A single divine author, working through human authors.

The Bible has had a supernatural impact on individual lives, as well as on the world. There have been countless individuals transformed by the Bible and that impact transcends all economic, ethnic and geographical boundaries. There are many testimonies we come across, people who were about to end their lives but got rescued from the tip of death when they just felt to read the Bible. This book has brought many into light from darkness. It has made many sinners to repent. Indeed the Bible has the power to work and bring changes in our lives. Many have experienced God literally speaking to them while reading Bible. Besides, the Bible’s impact on Western culture is immeasurable. Its influence can be seen throughout the ages in the arts, in literature, in education, in law, in science, in medicine and on and on. Only a supernatural book with a supernatural author could bring about such supernatural impact on individuals and the world.

All these reasons and many others provide compelling evidence that the Bible is true. However even without these supporting evidences, we should believe the Bible primarily because it is the Word of God. It is impossible for God to lie (Titus 1:2) and so the Bible must be true in all that it affirms. In fact, it is the Bible that reveals to us the proper grounding for knowledge. God made us in His image with the ability to learn about Him and His world. And unless we base our thinking on the truths revealed by God, we couldn’t prove anything at all.

Significantly, Jesus Christ treated Scripture as being authoritative and without error, stating that it cannot be broken (John 10:35) and citing it frequently to correct those in error and respond to their questions (Mathew 12:1-8). Since He is the Son of God, we must follow His example. Though historical and scientific investigations offer strong evidence of the Bible’s authenticity and reliability, they cannot prove the Bible to be true in its entirety. But the Holy Spirit, given to all believers (2 Corinthians 5:5), grants us the ability to recognize His word (1 Corinthians 2:10-14), instilling in us a steadfast confidence that the scriptures He inspired are true.

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