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“Look at the stars ! Look, look up at the skies ! O look at all the fire folk sitting in the air !” This sonnet was written by the Great Poet, Gerard Manley Hopkins in the 19th century. Yuri Gagarin, who first travelled into the outer space, many astronomers saw, experienced and shared the experience of the outer space and celestial bodies to the world. Hence many superstitions were thrown out. Hence many things are now revealed to us through the light thrown out through experience and learning. When we study about the things around us, we are gaining knowledge. Gaining knowledge is just storing something in our mind. There are many proved methods to increase our ability to gain knowledge. The dimension of knowledge increases only when the person learns the knowledge through experience. So the increased dimension of knowledge through experience and learning can be named as wisdom. D. L. Moody was an American Evangelist, who got the light of wisdom. In the early age of Moody, his life was full of dark and negative thoughts as said by his own teacher, Mr. Kimball. But one day his teacher said about God’s love for him. He told about Jesus. As we all know, Jesus is the light of the world, His works, His mercy, His patience, His sacrifice are so unique. Jesus is the only person in the world who washed His own disciples’ feet. Most of His disciples were from the lower sections of the society. His family was so poor that they didn’t had money or golds to buy a room at the time of the birth of Jesus. Jesus loved everyone even the people who crucified him. D.L Moody got inspired by the love of Jesus. He firstly received the knowledge from his teacher. But after that, he started to experience it when he prayed. When he prayed more and more, he got more light of wisdom. He gave up all his negative thoughts from his life. He started to see the poor, the lost youth of the city and spread the knowledge from his wisdom. From his wisdom, many people gained knowledge and got the light of wisdom.

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