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Ezekiel 1:1-28

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Posted by Pastor Anish K. S (ICPF Manipal)

Ezekiel's Visions of God's Throne Chariot

God in His Portable Thorne Chariot : moving among His exiles surrounded with brilliant light, Like the appearance of rainbow in the clouds, look like glowing metal, the glorious appearance of God.

God's glory appeared among the exiles in Babylon; it shows that the heaven will come down where ever we are, it could he in a foreign land, it could he in a lion's den, it could he in the midst of the firer where ever it may be, God will come down to our situation. He will be with us in the valley of the shadow of death_

Therefore, in the midst of exilic experiences, lets long for that glorious nearness of God rather than complaining about situations.

His Throne is among us!

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