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Ezekiel 37:1-14

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Posted by Pastor Anish K. S (ICPF Manipal)

He Alone Knows! Ezekiel 37 : 1 - 14

God brought Ezekiel out; set him in the middle of the valley, where there is full of dry bones, and led him, to and fro among them, then God asked him, son of man, can these bones live ?

Though he doesn't know how to make the bones live, yet he knows, the one who speaks to him, so he said " Oh! sovereign Lord, you alone know ".

God who is in control of everything asked him to prophesy over these dry bones, he prophesied as God guided him and these dry bones came to live.

Even if there is no ray of hope, yet you can trust in Him, because He is the creator and He creates things out of nothing, so trust in Him and Him alone because He alone knows.

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