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Posted by Bro. Manoj Pillai (India)

People often love to visit gardens to breathe fresh air, for a morning and evening walk, to spend time peacefully. But the main reason what I feel is, to get themselves refreshed and energized. We all would have visited gardens. Have we not experienced the awesome freshness and energy we get over there? Just think how necessary these two things are in everybody's life. Isn't the garden doing a wonderful thing to keep nature refreshed and people energized. Likewise my dear friends you can be a garden in the life of distressed people by refreshing and energizing them by living a Christ Centered Life. Apostle Paul expresses his much joy for his friend Philemon because he has refreshed the hearts of people (Philemon 1:7). Similarly, the way how the garden attracts visitors by its beauty and serenity, in the same way we should also attract people around us by diffusing the fragrance of Christ (II Corinthians 2:15).

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