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God's persisting love ! Genesis 4 : 1 - 16

Posted by Pastor Anish K. S (ICPF Manipal)

The love of God is persistent which will last forever. The story of Cain and Abel shows the impartial and consistent love of God.

Though God wasn't pleased with Cain's sacrifice, yet he spoke with him thrice, whereas in contrary he didn't speak with Abel even once, who brought him a pleasing sacrifice. What we learn here is, the persistent love of God for Cain the murderer, who killed his own brother.

Similarly, the parable of the lost sheep also reveals the consistent love of God. While keeping the ninety nine aside, the shepherd went after the lost sheep and kept searching until! he found it. So, God is our good shepherd whose love is impartial and consistent, which we should not neglect like Cain. Come back to him before it's too late!

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