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Updated: Aug 25, 2020

What is the source of your protection ? Is it your home or money or knowledge while you are living on this earth ? Is it the mask and sanitizer in this pandemic period ?

Looking at the above picture can anyone tell me how these children are safe ? They don't have big house and in the midst of this disease spreading time, we hardly see either they wear mask or their parents using sanitizer.

What we often see is, poor labouring parents leave their children alone at their nearby work place so that they can go to work for their daily bread. They return back by afternoon or late in the evening. Whole day their children remain alone without any protection. Many of us feel that our material things and safety precautions what we take daily have kept us in 3s (safe, sound and secure) but here this picture clearly shows us to understand that there is nothing else but the immense mercy of God is the reason behind our continued protection.

The psalmist sings "The Lord will keep you from all evil, He will keep your life" Psalms 121:7. While it is absolutely necessary to take all safety measures during this pandemic time, it is also important to know that God is the only source of our protection.

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