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Joel 2:12-17

Updated: Jul 19

Posted by Pastor Anish K. S (ICPF Manipal)

You are on a call to return ! Joel 2 : 12 - 17

It is a call to repent and return to God, inspite of their impending judgement due to sins, in this call the whole society is being included.

The phrase "even now "shows that the door is not closed, the door is open, though God has pronounced His judgement over them yet He is waiting with compassion for their return inspite of their sins. The prophet is encouraging them with reference to God's characteristics that repent and return so that He may relent from sending calamity.

What we see here? When God deals with His people, He deals with love and compassion, He gives opportunities to all. Also it clearly reminds us that the door of the grace is wide open for all even at this time. You are not late, you are on a call to return so never neglect the call for repentance and return to God.


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