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A Lighthouse is steady, dependable and warns ship of danger and points them towards a safe place. Similarly in our daily life we can also be helpful to others, as God has appointed us as His ambassadors whether at home, office, church or society.

It is our duty to direct people from getting lost in this darkened world by pointing them towards the light of this world, Jesus Christ (John 8:12). The best way to be steady and dependable is by setting your agenda, thoughts and actions on God. He is strong and trustworthy like a rock. Be steady,dependable and unaffected by any kind of storms in life, which can weak our mind and thoughts.

A storm might come,when you are lacking things for your survival. In such a situation you have to be strong by sticking to God’s promises. A storm might come when you are not physically well.In that case, to be strong would be to know that God is the one who heals. Or a storm might come when somebody behaves unkind to you. In that case, to be strong would be to forgive and love that person.

A lighthouse freely sends out its light to all. It doesn't do any favour by helping just some ships. In the same way, we can be open to help everyone we meet. Jesus was a constant light to everyone He met. He was always ready to help others. His love for everyone was faithful and pure. Whatever talents and potential you have, there is an unlimited number of ways to let your light shine upon others.

So without hesitating go ahead, be a lighthouse. You might be the bright light that others need to see through darkness and find their way home to good.

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