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For everything, you need a preparation. To pass an exam you need preparation, to clear a job interview you need preparation, to win a competition you need preparation, to preach a gospel you need preparation and tomorrow if you have to go to work - you need preparation. Without preparation you cannot reach your destination. The one reason behind your today's success is your yesterday's preparation. It is a life time effort in which you are engaged so that you can carry out tomorrow's work and routines with less efforts. And many of us are well-prepared for most of the things in our life. But let me ask, how many of you are prepared for tribulations? How many of you are really exercising on it? Many of us even don't want to think about it. Do not forget what Jesus said "In this world you will have tribulation (John 16:33)" When Jesus was telling this to his disciples, He meant "start preparing for the coming troubles from this very moment itself. The reason why disciples were not shaken at the times of any tribulation was because "they prepared themselves everyday in faith and in their Master's word. We all are going through this dreadful pandemic. What if any worse than this pandemic comes? Are we ready for it? We all are waiting for the vaccine for Covid-19. And I am sure once it is available, we will not fear to face this pandemic. Similarly we don't have to fear, as the antidote for all fears and tribulation is already out which is resting on God's word and His promise. Remember what Jesus said "in me you may have peace, take heart; I have overcome the world" Christ has already offered his peace and promise to us, but the thing is are we prepared to face the coming troubles or are we going to troubleshoot it - only once it arrives ?

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